Cycling And Walking

As the general public starts to realise the serious impact their lifestyles have on the planet, an increasing number of people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. One way that the average person can cut down emissions is by driving as little as possible.

Most people in the UK have to travel to work. If they live too far away then using a motor vehicle is often inevitable. However, those who live fairly close to their places of work are able to adapt their travel methods.

Cycling is a carbon neutral option that has numerous benefits for both the rider and the planet in general. Riding a bicycle is a great morning workout and can improve a person’s overall health. News sites such as the Mirror have even reported that the NHS supports cycling. This type of vehicle is also carbon neutral.

Other morning commuters may prefer to walk instead. This is cheaper than renting or buying a bike. However, it is much slower. Furthermore, if workers are already within walking distance of their place of employment they may not have originally used a car to get there in the first place.

Cycling And Walking

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