Vaping Beats Cigarettes in Environmental Impact

Vaping is better for the environment than smoking. It takes a lot of wood burning to dry and cure tobacco. Millions of tons of wood waste, including one tree to make 300 cigarettes. The production process damages the earth’s environment every year. There are a couple of reasons nicotine pouches UK is the eco-friendlier choice.

Less Paper

Nicotine pouches UK require much less paper than cigarettes to produce. As a result, Nicotine pouches UK users are helping the environment by saving trees. Paper is only used for packaging.

Fewer Chemicals

The tobacco farming process requires a mix of pesticides, fertiliser, and other chemicals. These pollutants are hazardous to the farmland, reducing the farmers ability to grow other crops. With trillions of cigarettes produced yearly, millions of butts spread toxicity and harm the atmosphere. Smokers increase carbon dioxide levels, a major factor in the climate crisis.

E-cigarettes are made of recyclable plastic. Cigarette smoke contains more chemicals than vaping smoke.

Vaping Beats Cigarettes in Environmental Impact

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