Human Health Issues

Climate change affects the world in many ways. Temperatures rise, weather becomes more extreme and sea levels get higher. These changes can impact the health of human beings. The food that people eat, the water they drink and the air that they breathe may be dangerous thanks to global warming.

One of the most concerning effects is the emergence of diseases due to warmer temperatures. It is the burden of public health services to deal with this growing threat. Developing countries will be most vulnerable. The age and economic status of individuals will also be a factor. However, even the wealthiest people will not be immune to the various illnesses that spread in the future.

As temperatures rise there will be a higher frequency of hot days. Therefore an increase in the number of heat related deaths is inevitable. One study suggested that in the UK 7,000 people annually will die during heat waves by 2050. Meanwhile in the US this figure could reach tens of thousands if environmental planning is not put in place. However, if years become warmer the number of cold related deaths could potentially decrease.

Human Health Issues

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