How to Save Energy at Home

One of the ways that individuals can do their bit for the environment is to take a look at their own home and find ways to save energy. A few minor changes will not only help to bring down gas and electricity bills but will also help to reduce energy usage, cut carbon emissions and, in the long term, start to deal with the issues that are being created by climate change.

Look at Appliances

Making sure all appliances are not left on standby where possible is the first step. This is an easy step to take, and it is estimated that it can save the average household around £40 per year. By avoiding using a tumble dryer and using the washing machine at 30 degrees, a family can save a further £60.

Keep the Cold Out

Most homes suffer from the occasional draught but dealing with them quickly and efficiently will help to save money and energy in the long term. As an example, if you have a draught coming in under the back door, simply adding a draught excluder will cut down on the cold air coming in, and the central heating system will not have to work so hard.

In the same vein, thinking about soft furnishings such as wool rugs will help the house to feel warmer, again reducing the need for the heating to be on a higher setting. In addition, wool rugs will help to cut down on the coolness that is often caused when householders opt for wood or laminate flooring. Of course, there are other soft furnishings that you can consider to keep out the cold, too, such as thermal-lined curtains.

These are easy changes to make and are sure to have a positive impact on both utility bills and the environment.

How to Save Energy at Home

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